Proof Of Work – Cryptocurrency Incentive Program

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To help Familiarize New Members with making Bitcoin and Cyptocurrency Payments we have created a little Incentive Program to help everyone learn the payment process with Minimal risk!
So For a limited time to new members we are offering a 0.25-0.30g Cookie Sample Pack ($20 value) to try our amazing budder as well as get acquainted with how Easy it is to pay with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies with a small amount rather than a large amount!


It’s Simple, Add this to your cart and -$15 “First Order Discount” will be Taken off your total at Checkout!

You will be guided though the Checkout process, Make sure your address is VALID and can receive Regular Postage Deliveries.
The Total will be $5 at check out once the Promo Code is applied, and select Proceed to BtcPay to complete your order using Bitcoin or any other Crypto we have listed.

Once your payment receives one confirmation on the Blockchain we can Process your order and ship your cookie!
The aim is to help everyone familiarize themselves with how everything works, and get a little in return!

Please note Samples will be shipped in a Single Tin, Vacuum Sealed and by Snail Mail With a Regular Postage Stamp (Without Tracking takes 8-10  business days)

For a fast Easy method to Buy+Pay for your order with Bitcoin With a Simple E-Transfer Payment, Click Here

For More Clarification Text your Question to: 1-778-400-8444

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  1. Tasty! Very terpy, smooth and strong effects. Burned nicely. The product was easy to handle and packaged in a cute tin which gives it a craft but not commercial feel. I’m usually bothered by fancy packaging because it’s usually a sign of inferior product. Not here. I really enjoy the uniqueness of the product. It’s on-point and the presentation contributes to the experience.

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