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The perfect gift for your Favorite Cookie Monster!

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  1. [mob_beatz] very kills, got 2 kinds of flower, [Blackberry] – the blackberry is super pungent, has a nice, sweet, almost slightly tropical but very strong berrylike aroma. Smells like it was cured great/// [ZkittleZ] – the ZkittleZ is also cured extremely well, & oddly enough has a very similar aroma to the blackberry, but with a slightly more diesel/fuel type smell to it as far as I can tell, they’re both totally covered in crystals.. they came a little bit dry but wasn’t a big deal at all, took barely any time to get it back to the right RH.

    Overall, my guess is the blackberry is prob around 20% THC at least, & the ZkittleZ is probably closer to 22-24%, easily from what I can tell. Will update & post a review soon on reddit also!! Thanks a ton BOSS!! MAJOR LEAGUE SHOUTOUT! 😀

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