UPGRADE one Cookie to a Cookies&Cream (Add-On)

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Original price was: $15.00.Current price is: $10.00.


*ADD THIS ONCE FOR EACH COOKIE Each cookie You would like Upgraded to a Cookies&Cream in your order.
***PLEASE NOTE: This does not entitle one 1 g cookie this is strictly to upgrade 1 cookie from your order to C&C***

For Example:If you ordered 14 cookies and want 4 of them to be Cookies&Cream, Add this item to your cart 4 times!
If you only add it once only one cookie will be upgraded to cookies n cream.


Shipped Discretely and EXPRESS with Signature to your Home or PO Box.

12 Comments on “UPGRADE one Cookie to a Cookies&Cream (Add-On)

  1. I upgraded one cookie to cookies and cream, boss had a rough week and didn’t get shipment out for an extra 2 days and was very nice about it and told me everything that was going on, he than instead he upgrade the whole order to cookies and cream at no charge! Genuine guy and company, you cannot beat it!

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