Golden Teachers [14g]

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Now Bosstalgia members can get the MEDICINAL Benefits of micro-dosing with Golden Teachers!

14g of HIGH QUALITY Golden Teachers delivered Discretely to your Door or PO BOX


Grab some for limited time!

One Comment on “Golden Teachers [14g]

  1. they are definitely gold lol, I literally had a fleck of what looked like real gold on one of the stems, I haven’t been courageous enough to take more than lil’ doses here n there because of my last couple bad trips on LSD & mushrooms & the very last one was shrooms, so just taking it slow. I could feel motivating effects though for sure. it’s not gonna be a magical cure though that’s for sure.. this stuff is never easy, you can try to make yourself think it’ll be easier if you do this or that, but you still gotta deal with the effects, sometime i’m gonna have to just bite the bullet.. hopefully this will help… but I need to do more research & i’ll sit on them for a little bit before I go any deeper.

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