1x Custom Design (Add-On)

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*ADD THIS ONCE FOR EACH COOKIE Each cookie You would like Customized in your order.
***PLEASE NOTE: This does not entitle one 1 g cookie this is strictly for the added design feature! you must also have one cookie on your order per design***

For Example:If you ordered 14 cookies and want 4 customized, Add this item to your cart 4 times!
If you only add it once you will only receive one custom cookie.

To Specifiy which design you’d like, Once your payment is processed, Please Simply reply to the order confirmation email directly with the following details:

-Design/Image/Text youd like, if youd like/ordered more than one design, Please Specify how many of each design.

PLEASE Keep in mind That The printing is BINARY So the designs have to be able to be some what simple Best is a Black and White Silhouette of what you want, please feel free to let us know your idea and we can let you decide on some options before we finalize!  JUST RESPOND TO YOUR ORDER CONFIRMATION AFTER ORDERING!

We will get back to you about your design if we need further clarifications.
Please note that SHADING does not appear well on the cookies Simple Designs and Text work the best!
Check our instagram @Bosstalgia.Medicinals for some ideas!

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